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    Increase the value of your property
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    Join over 7,000 UK businesses generating their own solar electricity
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    Reduce business rates - From 2017 onwards rates may include building efficiency
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    Average £96,000 savings over the term of the agreement
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    Save a third on your electricity!
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    Free, fully-funded commercial solar panels
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    Lower your carbon emissions
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Free Commercial Solar Panels

Energy Saving Solar is dedicated to providing high-quality commercial solar panels at no cost to you. We also have a domestic offering.

We were established in 2011 and develop and install electricity generating commercial solar PV systems throughout the UK. We enable businesses to benefit from long-term savings through generating green electricity, with no capital outlay.

We recently conducted a ground breaking survey about UK commercial solar, see the results here:


Our management team has experience of installing over 1,000 solar panel systems. We provide a complete turn-key service from initial enquiry through to installation, monitoring and on-going maintenance.

Energy Saving Solar are experts in providing commercial solar panel system design and installation, specialising in the commercial and agricultural sectors. We specialise in funded solutions, from PPA to Finance and our unique joint-funded model.

Energy Saving Solar manage the full design and installation of panel systems for all markets, from a small 2kW domestic installation to 500kW systems on stadiums.

We have full national coverage, and only employ the highest calibre of contractors for our installations. Due to our unique relationships with funding partners, we can offer a variety of options for each client depending on their needs.

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows a completely free solar panel system to be installed, where the client enjoys savings from day 1, and saves on average 30% of their energy spend. The system is fully warrantied and remotely monitored for 20 years.

We have access to low rate finance should a client prefer to have “ownership” of the system.

Finally, we have a hybrid model whereby the client can jointly fund a solar panel system and invest a proportion of the cost for sound returns.

Minimum Requirements

In order to make solar panels viable for a business you should have a spend of £400 a month or greater and have primarily day time electricity usage.

Read our case studies – Commercial Solar Case Studies 

Savings With Commercial Solar Panels

commercial solar panel savings


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Frequently asked questions

Why is commercial solar free?

We cover the cost of the installation and electricity generated repays the partner (through the Feed-In Tariff) and reduces your electricity bills. After the term of agreement you take full ownership of the panels.

Is there enough sunshine in the UK?

Yes, there is. Solar panels work in direct light not just sun light which means they produce enough electricity even on a cloudy day.

Each square metre of the UK receives between 900– 1200kWh of solar radiation each year, making UK solar viable. Sweden and Denmark for example have large solar industries, and they are much further north than the United Kingdom.

Do the panels require cleaning?

No, they have self-cleaning glass which works when it rains. The glass works in the same way that Velux windows do.

Do I need planning permission?

Solar panel roof systems are a ‘permitted development’ so planning permission is not normally needed. The exceptions to this are if you live in a National Park or Conservation Area – however we take care of all of this for you as part of the proposition.

How long do solar panels last?

Up to 40 years, and all our systems are insurance backed warrantied for 20 years.

How can I repair my roof if there is a solar panel on it?

The solar panels can easily be detached from the roof and removed for easy roof repairs.

What happens if my roof is flat?

This is not a problem at all. In this case we will provide supports or special mounting systems that help achieve the right angle.

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Get commercial solar pv today! Free solar power

A typical installation will deliver our clients electricity bill savings of £2,500 in year 1
and £96,000 over the term of the agreement*
As the Solar Power Purchase Agreement is protected against energy price rises, savings should
increase each year giving clients more control and certainty over their electricity bills.

After 20 years, ownership of the solar PV system transfers to our clients who will continue to
benefit from additional savings of c. £250,000 over the next 15 years of operation.

*Based on a 50kWp PV system, 80% onsite usage, 12p/kWh electricity tariff, 6p/kWh PPA tariff, 3.1% RPI and 5.3% electricity price inflation.

Commercial solar has a variety of benefits including saving money, reducing your carbon footprint and generating a second income.

We install solar for farms, solar for the public sector, solar for offices and solar for warehouses. Read about commercial solar in the south of the UK.

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